Back Communication cards
PCU-DPIO/PCIE-DPIO Profibus card
PCU-ETHIO Profinet card
PCU-DVNIO DeviceNet card

Particularly, the BradCommunications™ Direct-Link™ CANopen interface cards are equipped with 1 CANopen port handling CANopen protocol in Master mode up to 1Mbps.
A smart A.D.M (Automatic Dual port ram Mapping) mechanism avoids the I/O tags configuration in the Dual Port RAM of the card. More than a simple I/O acquisition card, the Direct-Link™ PCU-CANIO/PC104-CANIO interfaces provide the applications with additional information such as: device status and diagnostics, process data read/write monitoring, communication tools for troubleshooting, hardware and software Watchdog, etc..
The communication layers are completely embedded on the cards, allowing easy and fast communication with field devices resulting in remarkable application performance.
Product package includes:
Graphical console for configuration and diagnostic tools
Data servers (Multi-protocol OPC DA 3.0 & 2.05, ActiveX, DAServer,
I/O libraries for Windows (DLL) and Ardence's hard real time extensions
Static library for non-windows OS
Drivers for soft-logic packages

Technical features